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ATTENTION INFORMATION PUBLISHERS: Need Instant, Expertly-Written, Niche Content for your ebooks, articles, blogs, and other products but have no time to write everything yourself or find yourself just plain sick and tired of being disappointed time and time again with poorly-written PLR or expensive ghost-writers? Well, then…

Download, Edit, Publish…Rock Your Niche!

Best Public Domain Books is the ultimate source for modern, full-length, public domain books (most of our books were originally published in the U.S. between 1923 – 1963).

Every week, my team and I work hard to source high-quality, niche specific, public domain books that have the raw potential to be quickly spun into new info products such as ebooks, print books, and blog articles…then we digitize them and bring them to you here at Best Public Domain Books so that you have the opportunity to put these amazing books to work in your publishing business.

If you need super high-quality content written by experts and you need it fast…then you are definitely in the right place!

All of the books you’ll find here at Best Public Domain Books are 100% GUARANTEED to be in the U.S. public domain and thus free of copyright protection so that they can be republished either in full or in part legally and ethically…NO TERMS OF USE, NO LICENSE AGREEMENTS, NO ROYALTIES, NO RESTRICTIONS.

Here’s exactly what you’ll find here…

Access to my exclusive catalog of hundreds of niche topic, expertly-written, public domain books at heavily discounted prices – NO Membership fees required!
Over 250 high-quality, niche how-to books in Microsoft Word format…over 45,000 pages of ready-to-edit content for use in your own new product creations…with NO restrictions!
Everything’s already been done for you – sourcing, copyright clearance, scanning, everything! All you have to do is craft this content into your own unique new products…
When you are in need of content, just browse the selection  here at Best Public Domain Books, purchase a book that interests you, then race off to create your new product…couldn’t be easier!
The number of books available for purchase here at  Best Public Domain Books grows every week because my team and I introduce at least 2 new books per week – buy only the books you need and leave the rest!
All books here are priced for maximum savingsjust $15.00 per title!

The average public domain book here at Best Public Domain Books weighs in at around 200 pages

When’s the last time you bought a high-quality, expertly-written, 200 page PLR book that you could spin off into a fast product for just $15.00? Didn’t think so….

Just think – over 250 high-quality, expertly written, niche specific Public Domain books in one place that you can begin leveraging immediately to jumpstart your information publishing business and cash in on the HUGE demand for information based products much quicker than you ever could writing everything yourself from scratch…

So feel free to shop around the site, you’re sure to find a few titles with topics that interest you.

I can’t wait to see what kinds of wonderful new products you create with these!

Will you become my next success story?

Let’s find out together!

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