The Holiday Candy Book (1952)

The Holiday Candy Book (1952)

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Title: “The Holiday Candy Book”
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, Boston
Year of Publication: 1952
Pages: ~131
Copyright Status: Public Domain in the United States and countries following the rule of the shorter term

FROM the first lollipop at the first children’s party to the gold-wrapped cherry cordial at a golden anniversary all of the festive occasions of a lifetime are associated with candy. There is no holiday that is not enhanced by candy and if it isn’t a holiday, candy will make it one.

There are the candies that set off every holiday throughout the year: candied popcorn stars and marzipan strawberries at Christmas time, pink and red hearts on Valentine’s Day, chocolate-covered eggs at Easter time, marshmallows to roast at the Fourth of July picnic and candied fruits and nuts on Thanksgiving Day.

Is there anything as delicious, as tempting or as satisfying as a piece of candy? There is the penny candy of our extreme youth — “I’ll take one of these and two of those and one of these” — choosing after solemn deliberation; the excitement over the candy apples on a stick when autumn comes; the wonderful if grimy mess of a childhood taffy pull; the first box of candy presented awkwardly by a speechless, gangling beau.

Candy tastes good and is good. And it tastes much better and is much better if you make it yourself. Whatever your favorite candy, whether butter crunch or fudge, nougat or molasses taffy, peanut brittle or chocolate mint patties, you can make it better than the best candy you ever bought. You can even learn to make fancy-dipped chocolates and bonbons that look as tempting as the ones you gazed at longingly as a child with your nose pressed against the confectioner’s plate-glass window. And they’ll live up to their looks, if you make them yourself.

If you feel the candy you’ve been eating isn’t as good as it used to be, don’t ascribe it to the tricks that memories of the good old days play on you. You’ve just not been eating the right candy. Homemade candy is better than ever. Try it and see.


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